TEC Grills can be found in some of the finest restaurants in the world, and they are 100% Made in America. Now you can enjoy restaurant quality food in your own home. Call a TEC Specialist and let them advise you on what grill model best meets your needs, then arrange a safe, "no contact" delivery.

Phone orders dial 1 (800) 331-0097 ext. 3148 for grill sales and ext. 3112 for parts sales and general questions or you can contact us here.

TEC Infrared Grills Do Everything Better - Sear, Roast & Smoke
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When we invented the infrared grill forty years ago, TEC Grills was in a league of its own. No other grill could get as hot as ours for that perfect sear. But people grill more than steaks and burgers, so our engineers went back to the drawing board to fine tune our burners. Today, we’re in a league of our own for the opposite reason: no other infrared grill on the market is capable of turning down to an ultra-low 200°, the perfect temp for slow cooking a pork shoulder or smoking ribs. And we still hit that high high that drew you to infrared in the first place.

TEC Grills - Find a TEC Dealer Near You
TEC Grills - Find a TEC Dealer Near You