Traditional gas grills cook with 100% hot air. Just think about that- hot air is what we use to dry our clothes! Other infrared grills that use TEC’s old ceramic burners cook with predominately hot air, too, (65% hot air, 35% IR heat). But TEC’s new, grilling system virtually eliminates the hot air in grilling, so food retains up to 35% more of its own natural juices. Chicken breasts, pork, even well-done meats remain tender and juicy.


TEC’s radiant glass panels below the grates incinerate food drippings like charcoal and wood do, creating a rich, smoky vapor that flavors the food. Try pouring marinades on food while grilling. When they drop onto the radiant glass, they sizzle and steam and become part of the smoky vapor. Enjoy the convenience of gas and the charbroiled flavor of charcoal and wood without the ashy residue.


Many people associate infrared grilling with high temperature searing. That’s because TEC’s original ceramic infrared burners that other grill manufacturers use can only turn down to about 700°F. But TEC’s new, grilling system allows you to slow cook and smoke for hours on low, then turn up to high and sear a steak. TEC grills do it all- better!.


When you’re cooking on a TEC Grill, you don’t have to worry about raw hamburgers or overcooked steaks because we specially design and manufacture our burners in-house to distribute heat evenly across the cooking grates. Expect to cook up to twice as much food on a TEC Grill than other grills because every square inch of cooking surface is available for grilling, and temperatures can be controlled by the simple turn of a knob.


TEC Grills use the same self-cleaning concept as residential ovens. Operating the grills on high for 10-15 minutes with the hood closed will incinerate any food drippings and debris. What remains is a light residue of ash that can be removed from the glass panels with a spatula or our custom, cleaning tool, TEC’s Grate Rake, that can even clean your glass.


Because TEC’s radiant glass below the cooking grates blocks rising hot air (from the burners) from reaching the cooking surface, there’s no oxygen to ignite food drippings. Even when searing meat to get those perfect grill marks, you’ll seldom have a flare up on a TEC. Of course, windy conditions can cause flare-ups, so we can’t say we’re flare proof, but we’re pretty close!.


TEC Grills heat up quickly, reaching maximum searing temperatures in 10-15 minutes when preheating on high with the hood closed. Burgers cook in 8-14 minutes depending on the thickness and degree of doneness. But our grills are really easy to use, too, so you can cook great tasting food in less time and with less effort while drastically reducing kitchen clean up.


Every TEC Grill has its own built-in wind resistant side burner. Just remove the grates and place your cookware directly on top of the radiant glass. In fact, our customers often put one of our larger grills into their outdoor kitchen, then add a smaller 26” TEC to use as a side burner. By purchasing our pizza rack accessory and TEC commercial griddle, they can convert their 26” grill into a side burner, infrared pizza oven, or commercial griddle. Why would you limit yourself to just a side burner?.


One appliance does it all because TEC’s transformative accessories provide endless outdoor cooking opportunities. Add a TEC Smoker/Roaster to your grill and it becomes a smoking/roasting machine like a kamado cooker or pellet machine like a kamado cooker or pellet grill or use this accessory as an oyster steamer. Our pizza rack turns your grill into an infrared pizza oven. Check out our vast list of cooking accessories here.


TEC Grills are the most energy efficient grills made today. Laboratory tests show that our patented burners use up to 50% less fuel than other grills. On propane, you’ll get up to 50% more grilling time between tank changes. And because the volume of emissions produced by a burner is directly proportionate to the amount of fuel it consumes; CO2 and nitric oxide emissions are also dramatically reduced.


TEC Grills are handcrafted of 304 stainless steel at our plant in Columbia, SC. Unlike other grill companies, we don’t outsource any fabricated parts, so we can truly say that our grills are 100% made in America. 304 stainless is the top choice of materials for appliances because it is one of the most corrosive resistant grades of stainless. Many grills are advertised as all stainless, but that doesn’t mean that they are 304 grade.


TEC manufactured and sold the world’s first infrared grill, the TEC Patio 1, in 1978. After more than 40 years, many of our first customers are still enjoying cooking on their old TECs. That’s because we build grills to last a lifetime and support every grill that we have ever made with parts and service.Buy your last grill now!.